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A N I M A  M U N D I

'Anima mundi' literally means the soul of the earth. It is a concept that runs throughout history and within many cultures. It's an idea suggests a deep rooted connection between all living things on earth, something that is now easily forgotten. 

Anima Mundi explores different kinds of migration, both human and animal - in Tajikistan, Iraq, Kenya and across Europe. It depicts in necessary intimacy the brilliance of human resilience in places like Mosul and exposes the vulnerability of those in the Kibera slums in Nairobi.

People, animals, birds, and fish all move around the earth to maintain the environmental conditions that they have adapted to over time.

These drawings are evidence that migration is deeply rooted in the human nature. It’s an instinct, neither inherently bad or innately good. Things move and why should we be intimidated by that?

Contact: Philippa Perry email: / tel: 07774 264826

ANIMA MUNDI: Drawn stories of migration

20-25 Nov 2018

Bankside Gallery

Thames Riverside

London SE1 9JH

Open daily: 11am-6pm / Free admission / 020 7928 7521