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An exhibition of unseen work collected over five years from Iraq, Kenya, Romania, Scotland, Myanmar and Syria visually exploring migration in humans and animals.

A N I M A  M U N D I

'Anima mundi' literally means the soul of the earth. It is a concept that runs throughout history and within many cultures that suggests a deep rooted connection between all living things on earth, something that is now easily forgotten. 

Press Release

This unique exhibition of work by the award-winning reportage illustrator George Butler (at the Bankside Gallery in London 20-25 November 2018), focuses on human and animal migration and the intrinsic connection of living things.

‘When we think of migration we think of refugees in boats or swallows on the wing, but we rarely consider how they might connect.’

This exhibition traces the living contours of the earth, from human migration to animal existence and asks the viewer to consider how these might be linked.

George’s desire to record scenes in ink rather than with a camera has meant he has witnessed some extraordinary moments – refugees huddled round fires in a Belgrade warehouse, the mass movement of wildebeest on the plains of the Masai Mara, children playing on bombed-out tanks, families searching through the rubble of their destroyed homes and the annual migration of the seabirds.

Butler says, ‘The drawings are of more everyday experiences than those on our front pages. They are of unfolding scenes of habits, creatures, people on the move and the stories they tell.’


Contact: Philippa Perry email: pnlp@dircon.co.uk / tel: 07774 264826

ANIMA MUNDI: Drawn stories of migration

20-25 Nov 2018

Bankside Gallery

Thames Riverside

London SE1 9JH

Open daily: 11am-6pm / Free admission / 020 7928 7521